Independent alt-pop artist NaNa Muse is turning heads in pop. Through a combination of electro synths and power vocals, NaNa is creating music that is candid, authentic and true to her indie dark-pop style.

Acclaimed for her creative concepts and aesthetics, NaNa is quickly becoming well recognised amongst the Aus Pop scene, helping to shape the new age of dark pop/alternative wave music.

“the most honest music I’ve ever written. It's dark, and spiritual, and hopeful and wanting all at once. Which is exactly what my life is like. Not always pretty, but its real, and its mine.”

"Everything I do has a purpose, nothing in my music is left unaccounted for. Be it the artwork, the sound bites, the promo teasers or even the colour of my hair, everything has a concept and a reasoning behind it, and I think thats pretty special! In today's new world of media I'm able to really tell my story in exactly the way it should be told, and that excites me."

Muse has recently released her first track of 2021, Karma. A critical and public success, charting at #12 on Triple J Unearthed in its first week of release. 

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